Monday, June 7, 2010

Does This Go-Go Bikini Make My Butt Look Disabled?

Knee high boots with 3 inch heels. Chartreuse. Fierce walk. Music blares. Lights up. Fringe flies. A 6 ½ inch scar slices my back from the nape of my neck to the bottom of my shoulder blades, but you barely notice--if at all. Welcome to my world.

Sometimes, you can spot someone with a disability right away: a cane, a wheel chair, a voice, a mannerism. Other times, the normal looking (dare I say attractive) young woman at the next table in a restaurant appears to throw her fork at you from out of nowhere. She looks dejectedly at her lunch, then makes eye contact with her friend and they laugh as if this happens fairly often. Yep, that’s me again.

When I’m on stage, I can trick you.

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